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How much is too much?

When designing your website there is a principle that I like to follow, my philosophy comes from being a user of the Web and what I like to see and the functionality of the site.

Keep it simple stupid…there is nothing worse than going to a site and having issues finding the content you are after. Today there are so many functions that you can add into a site that it gets confusing, so when designing make sure to only put what you need and what your visitors will use. Furthermore, using White Space and other design philosophy will serve you well when planning.

Think about how you read, you dont start reading from right to left or bottom to top, so make sure your website visually flows similar to how you read. For example, a perfect visual layout for eye flow is the F Design. Simply, view your page and put a giant F over the top…thats how you visually see a website. See picture below

You can also use the I design layout, for that check out the font page of MWIP Online.