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What Search Engines should I target?

I often get asked what Search Engine should I target when im doing Search Engine Optimization for my site. It is a simple and conversely a difficult question to answer. Personally I always target Google…why you ask, well I will explain.

Yes, there are many Search Engines in the market. However, Google is simply the biggest and most used of all Search Engines. Don’t get me wrong im always happy if my sites are in Bing or Yahoo etc, but Google is the main one. Check out the current Search Engine market share for February 2018.

  • Google 80.05% 80.05%
  • Baidu 11.66% 11.66%
  • Bing 4.32% 4.32%
  • Yahoo! 2.71% 2.71%
  • Yandex 0.58% 0.58%

So, let me ask you a question.

Why would you spend hours and hours targeting Bing or Yahoo!?

You wouldnt, there are crossover SEO basics that work for all Search Engines. Therefore, you are better off working on SEO for Google and the other will pick up your site. Do not spend time trying to get number 1 listing on anything other than Google.

If you are unaware Baidu is a Chinese Search Engine.