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About MWIP

Hi, my name is Ben. I started MWIP back in 1996 while at university studying Computer Science, back then the Internet was very new and undiscovered in many ways. I started building web-pages using notepad and a primitive version of Photoshop…old school.

Over the years everything has become bigger, faster, more complicated. In this ever changing landscape I have always maintained that community makes your websites stand out. I believe completely that when I build a web-site for a customer, that I have a stake in making that business work online. It becomes personal, a true partnership in success.

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Website Design  
Website Hosting
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Personalized Domain Names
Copy writing  Online Shop – eCommerce
Social Media Integration  
Logo Design
WordPress Installation & Hardening  
Website Maintenance
Facebook Pages  
Website Security
Advice and Guidance  
Exclusive Customer Content

I met Ben more by accident after coming to his rescue with a broken down power boat. If it wasnt for that fateful day and our chance meeting the MWIP and Aussiespeed partnership may never have begun. 16 years on and multiple websites with online stores and our own manufactured products with multiple branding. Our company now has not only customers within Australia but a growing international customer base that can be directly related to our online presence through our partnership with Ben at mwip.

If you want your business to succeed you have to put in the hard work and with the mentoring and guidance on website design and layout, online stores, use of social media for business exposure we received from Ben as our business continues to grow daily.

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How much Does a Website Cost

+All major domain names +Price is for 2 years Prices starting at $11/year +Domains purchased for min 2 year period +Renewal Monitoring +Ability to create your own admin account +5 websites +Unlimited website space +Unlimited bandwidth +Unlimited...